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Financial Services income for your business seven days a week!

  1. Make an online enquiry, email, and fax or telephone your lead.
  2. It will be passed to a consultant and the client will be contacted within the hour and you will receive feedback and progress reports.
  3. Home visit, office appointment or telephone electronic application submission to lender within three days.
  4. Dedicated administration through to offer – with progress reports and direct access to a named case handler.
  5. Pipeline reports to record your companies in progress income.
  6. There are no missed commission payments all leads are carefully monitored and you will get a monthly statement and BACS payment to you of commission due, even if they buy through another agent or time passes before availing themselves of our services for mortgages or re-mortgages.
  7. There is no cost to you for provision of facilities to an in-house consultant.
  8. There will be no delay – you will deal with one particular consultant where possible, but if timescales in points 2 or 3 above cannot be achieved by that consultant, another one from our team of over 25 consultants will step in to ensure the lead is not lost.
  9. Whatever your volume of lead generation be it everyday or intermittent we will provide you with same service.
  10. We offer mortgages from the whole of the market and for people in most circumstances. We will not waste your time, the client’s time or our time on lost causes. If it’s a No, it’s a No, up front before you book the sale.

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