Tracking your referrals

At Marquis Financial Planning we understand the importance of tracking referrals, so we offer you direct access to our secure web-based database system ‘SENRO’.

You will be able to monitor feedback from your referrals, see your commission pipelines and the view the progress of mortgage applications. You can access the system for updates on surveys, mortgages offers and completion dates. We will save you time chasing sales, whilst reassuring you that your client’s mortgage application is in professional hands.

Our company has extensive experience with estate agents and we understand and appreciate your needs as a business. We will build your teams confidence in our service and help you generate more revenue for your company and your staff with our generous commission offering.

Managing your pipelines

Our honesty and integrity as an organisation is reciprocated in our system and it is our aim for both parties to profitably benefit from this joint venture.

To maintain a lucrative relationship we understand the importance of motivating agents. Not only do we offer a competitive commission structure on initial income generated from your referrals but also the repeat business we receive from assisting your clients in the future.

Through SENRO, clients referred by you will be assigned to your company. Therefore, any income generated through your referral will automatically be reflected in your pipelines. We will ensure that you financially benefit from all financial advice we provide to your client bank and you can log onto SENRO to track when the commission is due to be paid.

Communication is key

We will ensure you do not need to chase us for updates on client referrals, mortgage applications or commission payments.

As a busy estate agent it is vital that you utilise your time and that of your team as efficiently as possible. We understand that you want to streamline business practices in order to avoid unnecessary and laborious administrative tasks.

Through SENRO we can text, email or internal message all clients updates directly to you. On mortgage applications you can even access all ‘public’ case notes. We will protect your client’s privacy and confidential information but also ensure you are kept informed at all times.

Commission payments made easy

As an emphasis on long term partnerships, we are offering a guaranteed commission fee on all new business referred to us as well as on any future business conducted by your referral client through any of our other quality products.

SENRO is the answer to tracking and calculating all fees, it will replace traditional methods such as excel sheets or account statements. It is simple to use, adaptable and comprehensive. We can record all types of income your business generates and when each payment is due.

For as long as you maintain an exclusive relationship with us, your buyers, vendors and landlords of today will remain to be income for your company in the future.

Therefore the more quality referrals we receive from you, the more commissions you will receive, and keep receiving

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