Protecting mortgages and loans

Should you be unable to work or even to die prematurely you will want to be sure that your family is not left with the financial concern of how to pay the mortgage on their home or how to keep up with debt repayment.

Marquis Financial Planning can offer you advice on how to protect your mortgage and loans. We suggest you consider a life insurance policy which will pay out a lump sum in the event of your death. This money can be used by your loved ones however they wish, such as to pay off the mortgage or to clear debts.

A critical illness policy will also pay out a lump sum. This is paid in the event that you are diagnosed with a qualifying disease. Again this money can by used by you or your family however you wish and will ease the financial concern of how to keep up with mortgage and debt repayments.

Marquis Financial Planning is happy to discuss your options with you to make sure you have adequate cover and peace of mind.